Kadison Hipel - President

Growing up with a background in agricultural I developed a passion for working outdoors and developing skills and knowledge in a wide variety of areas. With experience in Agriculture, Heavy Equipment Operation, Construction, & Landscaping Construction I pursued my dream of owning my own company and started Landscape Advantage In 2018.

The journey over the past couple years of business has been a privileged. I develop close relationships with all of our customers during our time on their properties and have an immense passion for taking each and every customers visions for there landscape and making it a reality. I Love what I do and I bring that passion into every project we have the privileged to work on as does the team here at Landscape Advantage.

I strive to make Landscape Advantage a fun, safe, and fulfilling place to work for all of our employees. I want our team to be happy with what they do here and be proud of their work. Continuing education, Health, Happiness, & Fulfillment, are amongst my highest priorities for our staff and I am constantly looking for new ways to improve these areas. I know when our team is at their best, they deliver their best.

I want to thank you for taking the time to explore our website and I look forward to the opportunity of creating an outdoor space for you and your family.

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