Social Responsibility

Here At Landscape Advantage We Understand The Importance Of And Are Committed To Social And Environmental Responsibility. We Recognize The Link Between Our Present And Future Success , The Environment And Society As A Whole And We Are Dedicated To Making A Difference For The Better For Years To Come. We Recognizance The Responsibility We Have In Both Helping Our Environment And Creating A Better World For Everyone. Our Team Is Dedicated To Creating A Culture Within The Landscape Industry That Makes Social Responsibility A Top Priority And Makes A Lasting Change In The Industry. Continue Reading To Learn More About Our Efforts In Creating A Greener Construction Environment.

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What Is Social Responsibility?

Social Responsibility Is The Duty To Act In The Best Interests Of Our Environment And Society As A Whole. Their Are 4 Main Types Of Social Responsibility

  • Environmental Efforts

    Every business regardless of size has a carbon footprint. Steps taken by a company to reduce their carbon footprint are good for both the environment and society.

  • Philanthropy

    Businesses can practice social responsibility by donating to charities, non-profit organizations, and social causes. Whether donating money, products or services this can benefit people in need around the world.

  • Ethical Labour Practices

    Treating employees ethically and fairly. This becomes especially important with large businesses that operate in multiple countries where labour laws may differ from here in Canada.

  • Volunteering

    Donating time is another way to give back. Spending time helping others without expecting anything in return is a sincere gesture of good faith and makes a difference in many ways.

How Are We Making A Difference?


Waste In The Construction Industry

The construction industry is known for its extreme amounts of waste from discarded and unused materials. It is estimated that approximately 170 million tonnes of construction waste was generated in the united states in 2003. In the UK it is estimated that approximately 50% of landfill volume is generated from construction waste.

How Are We Recycling Materials?

One of our many goals is to constantly look for ways to better utilize or dispose of materials. One major way we are doing this is by recycling materials such as old and unwanted, asphalt, concrete and concrete pavers. These materials can be recycled and used as aggregate bases for many different types of construction projects. This diverts these unwanted materials from being disposed of in a landfill and also enables us to use less aggregate that has been extracted from a gravel pit because we can utilize those recycled materials for our base materials under hardscape projects such as patios, walkways and driveways.

In 2019 we recycled over 50 tonnes of concrete material and 10 tonnes of unwanted asphalt material. Although this may not sound significant every little bit counts. Not only did we divert this material from a landfill we also prevented that amount from being mined out of a gravel pit.

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Utilizing Recycled Materials

Recycling In The Construction Industry

Efforts have been made in the construction industry to help reduce waste and recycle materials. The provincial government and many municipalities have been leading the way in this regard buy using recycled aggregate for the construction of roadways and other construction projects, however these recycled aggregates are not always an option. The construction industry is continually striving to reduce its carbon footprint by means of reducing waste and recycling unused or unwanted material and the hope is we can dramatically reduce this footprint moving forward.

How We Are Utilizing Recycled Materials?

At Landscape Advantage we try to utilize recycled materials wherever we can in the construction of our projects without compromising the structural integrity,safety, and visual appeal of our landscapes. Although using products that are 100% recycled isn’t always possible we always try to utilize products that contain at least a percentage of recycled material. For example if we can’t use an aggregate that is 100% recycled and we had to choose between an aggregate 100% mined from a gravel pit or an aggregate that contained 90% mined material and 10% recycled material we would always use the material that has at least some recycled material in its composition

In 2019 we utilized over 75 tonnes of recycled concrete and 50 tonnes of recycled asphalt material. This eliminated the need to draw 125 tonnes of material from a gravel pit.

Giving Back

Helping Our Environment

We understand the impact the construction industry has on the environment and that our present and future success is dependent on maintaining and improving the health of our environment. Starting in the spring of 2020 we will be donating $100 from every construction project we complete to Nature Canada with a goal of donating $2500 in 2020. Nature Canada is the oldest national nature conservation charity in Canada. For 80 years, Nature Canada has helped protect over 110 million acres of parks and wildlife areas in Canada and countless species.

With the help of our customers we can make a difference in the construction industry and lead the way for change. When we create a landscape for our customers you know you are making an effort to protect our environment and our beautiful Canadian Wilderness.

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